Het programma Voeding Tegen Kanker is een speciaal ontwikkeld programma** met elke dag een persoonlijke TIP en een gevarieerd menu, waardoor je leert hoe je het immuunsysteem versterkt en:

omgaat met voeding bij kanker,
suikerarme recepten bereidt,
je gewoon uit eten kunt gaan,
welke voeding goed voor je is.

Interview met Wim van der Meer over Voeding tegen Kanker

** Bewezen ketogene voedingsmethode. En elke week ontvang je een handig boodschappenlijstje.

Gun jij jezelf (minimaal) 3 maanden om nieuwe gewoontes aan te leren?

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Research Shows Vitamin C is Cytotoxic to Cancer Cells (and more)

Research Shows Vitamin C is Cytotoxic to Cancer Cells (and more)

Do you remember Linus Pauling? He was scientifically brilliant and he won not just one but two Nobel Prizes in his life – one for chemistry and another for opposing the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Later in life, Linus Pauling became fascinated with the POWER of vitamin C, and set the foundation of what this vitamin really was capable of doing in the body.

In Linus Pauling’s time (1901-1994), many medical doctors didn’t believe what he discovered about vitamin C…

From its role in reducing inflammation and maintaining healthy immune function, to its role in cancer and the potential anti-aging effects – this powerful antioxidant is ESSENTIAL to every system in the human body.

Just a few of the research backed benefits include:

Powerful anti-aging

Vitamin C promotes collagen production in the body. The health of your hair, nails, skin, bone, teeth and joints directly relate to your ability to produce collagen.

Collagen also promotes elasticity of skin and wrinkle prevention.
A recent study showed that Vitamin C can increase collagen production 8-fold! [1]

Boosts Immunity

Recent studies show a strong link to vitamin C levels and immune function. Very high doses of vitamin C (sometimes called megadoses)
are showing surprising results for helping boost the body’s immune system in fighting chronic conditions and infectious disease.

Defeats Cancer Cells and Promotes Heart Health

Research shows vitamin C is selectively cytotoxic to cancer cells
when administered intravenously in high doses, and has a number of heart and cardiovascular benefits.

When given intravenously at high doses, vitamin C produces a pro-oxidant effect, thereby generating hydrogen peroxide, which is ultimately what kills the cancer cells. [2]

In order for vitamin C to effectively kill cancer cells, you need to have a very high concentration of vitamin C in your blood.

In the past, the only way to obtain these extreme levels of Vitamin C was through IV injection…


Because regular vitamin c pills, liquids and foods have an upper limit of bioavailability due to absorption speed and the amount that could be handled by your digestive system without causing irritation and diarrhea.

Now, with micelle liposomal vitamin C you can achieve higher  blood levels than most oral Vitamin C with improved convenience and better absorption [3]

Liposomal Vitamin C encapsulates natural vitamin C in a phospholipid sphere – a tiny bubble made from lecithin – called a ‘liposome.’

This liposome becomes a vehicle for its contents that are easily digested, by-passing the previous oral supplementation limits of regular vitamin C.

Since the liposomal vitamin C is encapsulated in this way, it’s easy on the stomach, with none of the harsh acidity that regular high dose vitamin C supplements exhibit.

Taken as one tablespoon of liquid per day,  Liposomal C allows vitamin C to get into the blood and organs so you get all of the benefits!


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Interview met Wim van der Meer, Over Voeding tegen Kanker

met Patricia Mensink

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